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Website Development

Website Design NJ

Our outstanding website designers work closely with our web developers making us the best website development company in New Jersey. We work with all of the latest web development technologies to deliver you a product that is not only visually pleasing, but, thanks to our SEO web design, ranks well in all major search engines. But don't just take our word for it. Check out some of our web design testimonials and browse our web design portfolio!

Website Design NJ

IT Services and Support

IT Services and Support NJ

With over 15 years in the technology industry, we have what it takes to offer the best IT Support and Services for NJ SMBs.

Contact Us for a FREE technology consultation to learn what areas of your infrastructure can be improved upon.

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Website Design NJ

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Development NJ

Are you taking advantage of the latest trend in brand exposure? If not, you need to get mobile before it's too late.

Mobile apps are sweeping the business world by storm. Today's consumers are always on the go and you need to be right there with them.

Contact Us today for a mobile app consultation. We'll discuss the development process, expected costs, and market submission.

Website Design NJ

IT Support in NJ and Managed IT Services

With all of the Managed IT Services and IT Support companies in New Jersey alone, you might be asking yourself "How is Technota different?"

Technota prides itself on adapting to and becoming part of the environment and culture of every client rather than insisting that their way is the only way. Do you already have an offsite backup solution that works for you? Great! We will be happy to monitor and make sure it continues working the way you expect it to work. Are you happy with the anti-virus software you currently have installed? No problem! We'll monitor and make sure you have the latest updates on all of your servers and workstations.

Free from contracts with big name partners, we are free to pick and choose the technology that best fits your organization. Too often, we've seen businesses paying for software licenses on products they never have used. Others own expensive servers to run e-mail for a few employees when a cheaper, more reliable, hosted email solution would exceed their existing level of service. From the time we step into your office for a free consultation, we're already looking for ways to reduce the amount you're spending on IT services while increasing the level of support you may or may not already have.

Perhaps the biggest benefit offered by Technota is the personal touch we bring to outsourced IT support. While you won't always see us standing next to the water cooler, you will still feel like we are part of your team. With our unlimited IT support plans, anyone in your organization can reach out to us 24x7 and receive a response from someone in NJ ready to help resolve your issue. No call center. No confusing automated phone prompts. Just professional IT support for NJ small businesses directly from an NJ business.

Website Development

There are almost as many web designers as there are web pages on the Internet. How does Technota stand out from the competition?

Technota believes there is more to designing a website than simply creating some graphics and writing some code. For many businesses, a website will be the first impression they get to make on a potential client. For this reason, we take even the most simple website design requests seriously and always encourage our clients to think outside the box in order to deliver a product with which they will be completely satisfied. Specializing in website design for NJ businesses, Technota understands the local market and is able to identify functionality that will really help your business stand out.

In addition to designing a website from start to finish, Technota will also assist in basic training to help clients help themselves. Too often, design firms will complete a project only to continue billing hourly for very minor changes after the code has been handed off to the client. While we do offer hourly project work for those that need it, Technota is always willing to assist clients in taking ownership of their code to reduce the cost of maintaining their business website.

Mobile Application Development

The Mobile Application industry is growing at a rapid pace and there are startup companies and freelance developers popping up just as quickly. How can you identify a solid company when everyone is new to this fast-growing field?

Technota has a growing portfolio of over 40 application currently available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. When you start a project with us, you will get a single point of contact so communication is always clear and direct. Our experienced developers write code that is compliant with the latest standards to ensure your application will be accepted by the appropriate store. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the client always owns the rights to the code and they receive full documentation along with their source code.

Once your application is completed, Technota offers a wide variety of services to help you market your application to get you the sales you are expecting. This can be done as a package or as needed after you receive your application.

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