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Backup and Disaster Recovery is a vital business process that should be a priority to any organization. There are times when errors and disasters cannot be avoided. To be prepared, your data must be backed up, secured, and ready to be restored in a moment's notice. Rather than spend tens of thousands of dollars designing a solution that may or may not work as expected, allow Technota to take control of your backup and disaster recovery. As a premier NJ backup and disaster recovery provider, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your business is protected, just incase the unexpected happens. Asdide from full-on disasters, there are also situations where a recent backup comes in handy. Think of how many times a file gets deleted by mistake or you need to recover a previous version of something.

If you currently have a backup tape solution in place, chances are it's not being executed properly. In order for a tape-based system to operate correctly, you must not re-use tapes to save money. Each time a tape is written to, it weakens the quality and this leads to corrupt data. Also, if you aren't removing the tapes on a weekly basis and transfering them to an external location, then you aren't protected from fire, flood, theft, etc. If this sounds like your company, then call 888-524-2826 today and let's begin the journey to protecting your business the correct way.

  • Scheduled Backup Jobs - Dictate the days, times, and durations for your backup jobs
  • Incremental Backups - Backups are incremental and kept under version control
  • File Encryption - Data is secured via AES256 bit encryption
  • Secure Transmission - File transmissions utilize SSL
  • Magnetic Disk Storage - Online backups are stored on magnetic disks for quicker access
  • 100% Compliant Solution - This solution is PCI, SAS70, SOX, and HIPAA compliant Trust Seal