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Effects of Google +1 Button App on Online Businesses

The Google +1 button app is another creation of Google that is set to revolutionize online businesses. Although still at its infancy, the app has been welcomed by mainly small online business owners who may be running their businesses on a tight budget. The app is said to be Google’s version of facebook “like” program, of which it can also be installed on websites and blogs. In addition, the app is built to affect search results, ad campaigns, click through rates (CTR), and ultimately the success of your online business.

Before making use of it you need to have a Google public profile. This helps you to connect with all your friends on Google networks like Gtalk, Buzz, and Gmail. Once you click on the +1 button on a site or blog, your recommendation for the content becomes accessible to all in your Google network. What this means is that they will be able to see all the pages you recommended; especially if your profile is set on public view. Secondly, for any search result or ad you +1, your contacts on the network will see same recommendation from you if they searched for a related term.
The button is going to bring a lot of rewards for online businesses as people tend to follow recommendations from trusted friends and relations than those from strangers. Before now, people relied solely on reviews done by others online before they make purchases. Sometimes it is hard to conclude with all these reviews since some are sponsored by the product company. But that is going to be a thing of the past with the arrival of the +1 button. Sale of products and services is going to skyrocket as time to make decisions will be drastically cut short. And the button will provide you with free adverts from those recommending to those on their contact circle.

But a word of caution is that you need to do your home work properly. Your website must look professional, and must be filled with contents worth recommending to others. Remember, just a click on the button can expose your site to a thousand persons or more. This means that it has the power of affecting the CTR of your site. In addition, ad campaigns with more +1 recommendation are likely to be clicked than others with lesser number of recommendations.
The application is now gradually weaving itself into the mainstream of online marketing. Google is still cleaning the rough edges; but at the moment it is paying off real good. A recent research carried out by seoeffect proved that the button increased their page CTR by 20%. This is good news for online businesses. Endeavor to have the app installed conspicuously on your site so as to draw attention to it. You can go further by educating your subscribers on the need to participate by “+1ing” your articles or product page. As you combine this app with Facebook “like” program, you rest assured of a faster growth process in your business than you ever imagined. Get plugged.

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