Email Migration

Whether you plan on migrating your current email system to one of Technota's Hosted Email Solutions or a solution of your own, we can help. With a talented team of system engineers, we're able to transform the headache of going through an email migration to a simple task. Through careful planning and diligent execution, we're able to provide a smooth transition from one email service to another.

  • Full Backups - The first step in our migration process is to ensure that full backups are taken and
    are easily restorableEmail Migration
  • Forwarding Rules Setup - Forwarding rules are setup to avoid a "black period" during the switch
  • DNS Changes Implemented - Although Technota cannot speed up the time it takes for DNS records
    to propagate throughout the internet, we can make sure the changes are done correctly the first time around
  • Email Client Configuration - Once the new email system is live, all user email clients will be
    configured to connect to the new server
  • User Training - Users will be trained on any features that vary from their previous email system
  • Documentation - Upon the succesful completion of an email migration, management will be provided
    with documentation outlining important details of the new messaging platform

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