Hosted PBX VoIP

Integrating a Hosted PBX into your organization can be very beneficial in many ways:

  • All employees can access the full features of the phone system from any location: satellite
    offices and home workers with broadband connections are just as connected as the main
  • Hosted PBX services slash support costs, as there are few differences in setup and
    administration for any user, no matter what their physical location
  • Costs for interoffice calls decrease dramatically, as VoIP enables no-cost or low-cost calling
    between extensions

The improved ease of management offered by hosted PBX is an important benefit for many companies.
Instead of requiring costly technician visits for every MAC (Move, Add, Change), hosted systems can be
easily configured on the fly: web-based control panels let you manage call options, voicemail settings, the auto-attendant, and much more, helping you save money and time as you adjust to changing situations

Many companies find that hosted PBX systems offer a lower total cost of ownership than traditional phone
systems. The most obvious reason is that a hosted service doesn't require the initial investment of tens of
thousands of dollars - but there are other contributing factors as well.

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