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  • Could you use another hand in your IT department, but can't afford another employee?

  • Are you a small company and don't have the room in your budget to employ a full-time technology staff member?

  • Do you have a talented IT staff, but their time is constantly wasted performing tedious tasks and putting out fires
    instead of using their skill-set for innovation?

  • Are you sick and tired of paying an IT company outrageous fees to come and fix things when they go wrong?

  • Does your current IT vendor act in a reactive manner and not take the future into consideration?

  • Does technology feel like more of a problem than an asset to your organization?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance from Technota is for you! The days of having large IT departments for small-medium businesses are over. With recent advancements in technology over the last few years, more and more companies are ditching many of their in-house servers and large departments for web-based services. This shift in trends is forcing smaller organizations to employ less IT employees and shift their focus to their core business aspects. More often than not, the area that suffers the most is desktop and server maintenance. With our management platform, you no longer have to make that sacrifice to do what's best for your business. Technota has made a substantial investment in state of the art tools that allow us to operate extrememly efficiently, while remaining the background and not disturbing your vital business processes.

  • 24/7 Monitoring - All workstations, servers, and laptops are monitored 24/7, no matter if they're
    in the office or at home. Our agents are extremely light weight and require no firewall changes to connect
    from anywhere
  • Sophisticated Reporting Engine - With the reporting console, detailed system
    information is never more than a click awayPulse Monitoring
  • Patch Management - The monitoring agent checks the patch status of each system
    daily with the WSUS database and reports any missing patches
  • Integrated Remote Access - Integrated remote access is installed by default in order
    for remediation by a Technota engineer
  • Multi-Platform - Works with all versions of Windows and OS X(Mac)
  • Custom Process Monitoring - Agents have the ability to monitor custom processes and applications
  • Audit & Inventory - Installed applications, software versions, and hardware specs are
    available in reportingPulse Monitoring
  • User-Defined 24/7 Alerts - Receive system alerts via email, SMS, and phone
  • Low Bandwidth Proxy - All diagnostics are collected by a virtual proxy that reports back
    to the Technota servers for lower bandwidth utilization
  • Simple Install - Install is engaged by a single click and each machine is online within 2 minutes
  • No Firewall Changes - Agent doesn't require any firewall changes and is accessible anytime you're
    able to reach the internet
  • Temp File Control - Temp files for all users are cleared on a daily basis
  • Custom Graphing - All data collected is dumped into easy-to-read graphs to track trending
    statistics of each system check Trust Seal