Security Audit Preparation

Compliance regulations for various industries are forever changing. Over the past few years, they've gotten much stricter and more companies must adhere to some form of technology compliance than ever before. Failure to adhere to such regulations can lead to massive fines, a damaged public image, or even forced business dissolution. Rather than worry about these things happening to your organization, allow Technota to perform a Security Audit Preparation. Our team of experienced IT professionals have been through security audits countless times and adhering to their standards is almost second nature. When doing an audit preparation, you can either have us document the changes that need to be made or we can make them for you. We specialize in HIPAA, SOX, SAS70, and PCI compliance.

Our audit preparation service includes the following:

  • Define the scope of work to be performed during the assessment
  • Conduct a pre-assessment meeting to establish expectations, identify the key
    players in the assessment process, and to provide guidance to the client
  • Receive and review off-site all relevant policies, procedures, and technical documentation
  • Arrive on-site and perform the data security assessment process as detailed in the
    initial scope of work
  • Provide an initial statement of findings which identifies deficiencies and provides recommendations so that remediation efforts may begin as promptly as possible
  • Generate a Report on Compliance
  • Conduct quarterly and/or on-demand network scans to fulfill ongoing security compliance

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