Vendor Management

Vendor Management is a service that's often overlooked. When it comes to technology, companies often have a laundry list of vendors that provide various services to them. Everything from your internet access all the way down to the company that provides spare keyboards all depend on relationships between your organization and their account representatives. Often times, something needs to be fixed, but users don't know who to call or which vendor is responsible for what. Even if you do know the correct vendor, many times non-technical users have trouble communicating the problem effectively and verifying that it's fixed properly. Allow Technota to take this burden off your hands. By acting as your company representative, we'll keep track of your vendor list and triage any issues that come up, acting as your personal helpdesk.

Vendor Management
  • Complete Management - Each vendor is fully managed by Technota, acting as a
    member of your team
  • Tracking and Escalation - When an issue arises, appropriate measures are taken
    to ensure escalation to appropriate parties within the vendor's organzation
  • Root Cause - No matter what the issue, a root cause analysis will be provided upon
    ticket resolution
  • Documentation - All issues will be fully documented and presented to client in digital
    and print form

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