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Web hosting is a necessity for any web site, landing page, etc. Many companies offer it, but most of our competitors offer you a ton of features that you'll never use in order to jack up the price. This is where Technota separates itself by offering affordable web hosting in NJ. Our plans are designed with most common needs in mind, but include the ability to add anything you may need. With the powerful Softaculous installer script (comes with every plan), you have the ability to install popular software options, such as blog platforms, helpdesk systems, e-commerce software, etc. Most other companies will charge you for "custom" hosting scenarios like this and utilize this sales model to maximize profits. We simply refuse to do business in that manner and it shows in our finished product.

Another common pitfall on shared hosting plans is performance. Many times with larger web hosting shops, you'll sign up for bargian $2.99 web hosting and think you've got a great deal. Then you go to load your website and it takes 45 seconds to load, because the provider has oversold their accounts and every other company that you're sharing that particular server with is using up the majority of the resources. Technota will NEVER fall into this category of provider. Our prices aren't the absolute cheapest on the net, but for an extra couple dollars a month, we promise that you'll be getting your fair share. We have MANY clients that host with us and a massive amount of shared resources available. All of our current clients combined don't even take up 1/4 of our infrastructure's resources, even if they were at full capacity. You may not get the absolute cheapest price with Technota's web hosting, but you will certaily get the best value.

Bronze Hosting Silver Hosting Gold Hosting
CPanel Access (demo)
24/7 Support
Add-On Domains 2 5 10
Sub Domains 2 5 10
Green Infrastructure
Website Builder
Softaculous Installers
Disk Space 1GB 2GB 5GB
Bandwidth 2GB 5GB 20GB
FTP Accounts 1 2 5
Email Accounts 5 10 20
MySQL Databases 2 5 10
Price $5.99/Month $8.99/Month $10.99/Month Trust Seal