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What Is SEO?

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When you dive into the world of Internet Marketing for the first time, you might be asking yourself "What is SEO?" SEO is short for search engine optimization. It is the set of techniques used to improve the organic search engine rankings of a website.

Well...What are organic search engine rankings? Organic search results are those that appear due to their relevance to the terms that were entered into the search engine by a user. This is in contrast to the results that appear due to paid advertisements. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one popular example of boosting non-organic search results. The non-organic optimizations usually fall under the umbrella of "search engine marketing" or SEM. SEO SEM, and PPC are all buzz words that essentially have the same goal -- Get your website to the number one spot for all search engines.

While "organic search results" is almost synonmous with "free search results", there is a lot of work involved to stay on the top. Therefore, outsourcing SEO SEM and the like is becoming very popular. The major work involved with SEO optimization can be broken down into "on-page" and "off-page" tasks. "On-page" is everything you can control on your own website to tell the search engines what your content is about. "Off-page" SEO optimization includes everything that you can do outside of your own website and there is a very wide variety of tasks that are typically considered useful.

Off-page SEO is where most of the cost of organic search comes into play due to the time and resources associated. When you use a company like Technota for SEO, optimization can be done around the clock so you can focus on other ways to grow your business. Technota will take care of tasks like submitting your website to relevant directories, generating backlinks by submitting meaninful content and submitting it to article directories, creating Web 2.0 properties, and more.

The above information only scratches the surface in an attempt to answer the question, "What is SEO?" There is so much more to the world of search engine optimization and Technota takes pride in staying on top of all of the latest and most efficient techniques so you don't have to. SEO is a fast paced industry and you need a team of professionals on your side if you plan on beating your competition. Choose one of our affordable SEO packages today!

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